Psychoterapy, coaching and councelling in English

These are challenging times and might increase your need to talk to someone about what to do or how to be.

We can safely talk via internet.

Now a little about me: I took my Masters Degree in Managment Sciences in Manchester, UK, and stayed for 11 years.


In 2000 I moved back to Norway, trained as a gestalt psychotherapist and took advanced training as a councellor to psychotherapists. I also started the Oslo Buddhistsenter in 2000, my own firm Pustepause in 2005 and our consultancy firm iGo in 2011 – the same year I adopted my daughter from Chile.

Today I work partly as a psychotherapist or coach for individuals, couples and families, partly in organizations to help teams and managers function better, and partly teach at OsloMet University.

I know a lot about living in different cultures. I moved to the UK to study. Then I got involved in Buddhism and explored how to live with different perspectives first in the UK, and then in Norway. I got married to a woman adopted from Vietnam and we adopted our child from Chile. Whilst in the UK I could use my buddhist name “Gunaketu”. That was difficult in Norway as it subtly closed doors to business contacts, and I now trade under Bjørn G. At the same time ConocoPhillips hired me to run the HR workshops they bought from US-based Targeted Learning so I could translate the material to a Norwegian context. All this has put me in a unique position to help you as a foreigner integrate in our society – at work and at home.

I have office in to different locations, when I am not visiting clients:

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, I work from Storgata 39, 0182 Oslo, 5 minutes from Oslo Sentralbanestasjon


On Fridays, I use an office at Nydalen Helsehus, Sandakerveien 128, 0484 Oslo. There is parking right outside the door.


Online we meet at


Tirsdag, onsdag og torsdag: Storgata 39, 0181 Oslo

Fredag: Nydalen Helsehus, Sandakerveien 128, 0484 Oslo



977 15 657

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