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Fredag: Nydalen Helsehus, Sandakerveien 128, 0484 Oslo


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Psychoterapy, coaching and councelling in English

All change starts with oneself

I took my Masters Degree in Managment Sciences in Manchester, UK, and stayed for 11 years.


In 2000 I moved back to Norway, trained as a gestalt psychotherapist and took advanced training as a councellor to psychotherapists. I also started the Oslo Buddhistsenter in 2000, my own firm Pustepause in 2005 and our consultancy firm iGo in 2011 – the same year I adopted my daughter from Chile.

Today I work partly as a psychotherapist or coach for individuals, couples and families, partly in organizations to help teams and managers function better, and partly teach at OsloMet University.

I know a lot about living in different cultures. I moved to the UK to study. Then I got involved in Buddhism and explored how to live with different perspectives first in the UK, and then in Norway. I got married to a woman adopted from Vietnam and we adopted our child from Chile. Whilst in the UK I could use my buddhist name “Gunaketu”. That was difficult in Norway as it subtly closed doors to business contacts, and I now trade under Bjørn G. At the same time ConocoPhillips hired me to run the HR workshops they bought from US-based Targeted Learning so I could translate the material to a Norwegian context. All this has put me in a unique position to help you as a foreigner integrate in our society – at work and at home.

I have office in to different locations, when I am not visiting clients:

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I work from Storgata 39, 0182 Oslo, 5 minutes from Oslo Sentralbanestasjon


On Fridays, I use an office at Nydalen Helsehus, Sandakerveien 128, 0484 Oslo. There is parking right outside the door.


Please call me on + 47 97 71 56 57 or mail me at

Price: Kr 880 for 55 minutes