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Catherine Holst

After half a year of conversations with Bjørn Gunaketu, I feel a calmness in everyday situations, which would previously have been completely unthinkable. I have received help to improve myself, my closest relationships and how I relate to work. Gunaketu has an amazing ability to bring out what needs to be worked on - even when I thought we had nothing to talk about! 

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Manne Kihlman

Bjørn Gunaketu's exercises have challenged my old ingrained ways of seeing life and how I want to live. Because the exercises we do are based on spontaneity, the insights that follow feel real. It has also elicited many a good laugh.

Shelly Villanger

about group therapy

student at NGI:

Going in a group with Bjørn has given me the opportunity to practice authenticity in a safe environment. I have learned that it's not too late to speak up even if the moment has passed, and that it's okay to choose to act differently than what I usually do.

Paula Gustavsson

Gestalt provided a humorous and clear perspective on what it can be like to be human. The next time I find myself in similar situations, in real life, I'm going to stop and laugh…

Wild Lunnan Pigeon

Bjørn Gunaketu is an incredibly exciting person to get to know. A fantastic supervisor and a challenging partner. He has given me an incredible amount and made me more confident about my own role in the community.

Anita Grønvik

I really appreciated that we got to improvise around the different worlds in the Wheel of Life; exercise. What you do with the body gets stuck in the body; it is said. It helps me to understand on a deeper level, gives me the sense of meaning and joy. It is important to have fun when you want to learn something or understand something, and that need was fully met. I had a lot of fun. Thanks!


I decided to have a regular appointment with Pustepause once a month for a year, to clear my mind.

It has done me good to get input and guidance to point me in the right direction. Sometimes I think that such and such is the way it is and when another person asks you, "could it be this way instead?", you think about it and see things from a different perspective, which has helped me a lot in everyday life . I would like to thank you for the good help and guidance and I can warmly recommend trying this yourself.

Nina Wicker

You inspire me to SEE people and be more inclusive and listening. You are a RICH person.

Marianne Lloyd

Exciting challenges where theory is put into practice in a way that touches and helps me to see myself and others in a new light - to explore life itself in a warm and humble way.


Having led the leadership and organizational development program in the Red Cross together with Gunaketu, I know him as a professionally skilled consultant who both creates a safe climate for learning and challenges the participants when there is a need for it. He is not afraid to stand in conflicts and resolve these into positive meetings for those involved. As leader of our consulting group, he gave us a lot of room to develop and take initiative.

Elisabeth S

Bjørn G provides a fabulous toolbox to support my efforts for change and development. In the sessions, we have examined attitudes and feelings, knowledge and skills. The conversations make me constantly Bjørn's approach to the conversations is both caring and analytically clarifying. And best of all, it's fun!

Arnt Kristoffersen

You make people think positively and see other people's views without judging their opinions. YOU ARE A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION!

Martin Nyquist

The Gestalt exercises make it clear that I cannot ask the question "what do I need in my life?" until I have an answer to the question "how does my life look like?"

Micael Sundstrom

Gunaketu shows that the path to development is through friendly challenge.

AMN (gestalt student)

I started with Gunaketu in the first year of the gestalt studies at NGI, and have been with him all four years as a student. I have experienced being met by him in such a way that I have felt respected, accepted and understood. Together with Gunaketu, a warm and safe space has arisen for me to be in, where I have received the support I needed to develop as I had hoped; my confidence and self-esteem, creativity and knowledge have grown.
Every hour has given me something valuable; insights about myself and my subjective world.
I experience Gunaketu as a genuinely committed, courageous, creative, empathetic and professionally strong therapist, who constantly inspires me in my work as a therapist.


Curious, incredibly open to other people's sides, challenging and at the same time a safe haven for a confused soul. Warm, safe and open - the born therapist!!

Charlotte Karlsdotter

I appreciate your clarity and your teaching talent

The weekend

Gunaketu is insightful, empathetic, gentle and knowledgeable. I always get a lot out of my tutoring sessions with him. There is both breadth and depth. In supervision, it is important for me to take care of myself and a feeling of security. That shame does not take up more space than it needs, that there is acceptance. I feel that Gunaketu finds something good in what I do almost anyway. He helps me to see my own resources and use them, strengthen them. I always take something away from the lessons.

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