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Respite services

My office is in Grünerløkka, but can also meet on tour, online or by phone. 

Pustepause offers gestalt as an effective way to comebetter in touch with themselves and those around them, relationships with others, and deeper values in life. Together we dissolve old patterns and find new ways of living. Gestalt is one of the worlds most used forms of psychotherapy and relationship work. I offer therapy and coaching for individuals, couples, families and groups. I also supervise other psychotherapists.

Personal therapy

Gunaketu Bjørn Kjønstad

Gestalt psychotherapy

All change begins with ourselves

In gestalt therapy, we explore how you react to different situations - consciously or unconsciously. These patterns are often controlled by ideas and survival mechanisms from earlier in life. Are these mechanisms still useful where you are today, or are they making you stuck?

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Couples therapy

Parets Portrait

Do you struggle in your relationship or do you want more excitement?

For most people, a partner is the most important person in their life. And sooner or later most couples get stuck in unhealthy habits. It is especially vulnerable with the person you are closest to.

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Conversation between men

Gunaketu 220918 (9)_edited.jpg

Men more often think it can be difficult to get hold of or put into words what they feel or what is happening inside.

Sometimes we realise this about ourselves. Other times we are told so by others. I  am particularly interested in what it means to be a man in our times and how we express our masculinity as partners, fathers, friends, citizens...

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Gruppe Meeting

Professional update - PFO

The purpose of supervision is to constantly develop, learn more about relationships with other people and become a better professional practitioner - whether in relation to therapy or other contexts.

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Therapy, coaching and counseling in English

uten lampe.jpg

All change starts with ourselves

Gestalt is a highly positive and practical integrative therapeutic approach. Broadly, Gestalt practitioners help people to focus on their immediate thoughts, feelings and behavior and to better understand the way they relate to others. This increased awareness can help people to find a new perspective, see the bigger picture and start to effect changes.

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Videos and texts

Image by Jakob Owens

A picture says 1000 words - a video...

A bunch of videos to say a little about how I work. If you would rather read, I have a number of articles published in peer-reviewed journals and a novel that could be a good gift for yourself or others you want to think about ;-)

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