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Couples therapy

If you are struggling in your relationship or want to find the spark again, you are most welcome to come to me.

For most people, a partner is the most important person in their life. And sooner or later most couples get stuck in unhealthy habits. It is especially vulnerable with the person you are closest to. Can you talk about problems that arise or do you avoid them? When you talk about problems - do you come out strengthened or do you increase discouragement? Do you know each other's love language?​ Then it is good to have a third party to go to, who is not a friend, family or has other alliances, but who is professionally impartial. I would like to be that conversation partner for you and meet at Pustepause as a neutral and safe place. I have experience working with same-sex couples.

When the children are affected, it can become extra difficult. In meeting our children, it is often surprising how provoked or hurt you can become. I help you to listen to each other, and to listen to yourself. Once you are able to listen, most families are able to find new ways to grow together - through joy and sorrow.

Couples therapy costs NOK 1,320 for 80 minutes.

With families, the hourly price is NOK 900.

If necessary, I make home or school visits.

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