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Personal therapy

A shared burden is half the burden. Shared joy is double joy. (Jan Brisum)

In gestalt therapy, we explore how you react to different situations - consciously or unconsciously. These patterns are often controlled by ideas and survival mechanisms from earlier in life. Are these mechanisms still useful where you are today, or are they making you stuck?

Gestalt means meaningful whole. We humans have a fundamental need to understand and organize our thoughts, feelings and surroundings precisely in order to create meaning and wholeness. In individual therapy, we explore what you can do to live a more holistic life in a good relationship with your fellow human beings.

In order to get the whole picture, it is just as important to become aware of what we feel and do as what we think and say.

No question is too dangerous, small or stupid here at Pustepause!

Gestaltterapeut Gunaketu Bjørn Kjønstad
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