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Would you rather read a novel or professional articles?

If you want to read more about what gestalt therapy is, you can buy the book"Like me - novel about career, love and gestalt therapy"

I have written the following professional articles:

Kjonstad, Bjorn (later changed to Gunaketu) & Willmott, Hugh, 1995, "Business Ethics: Restrictive or Empowering?", in   Journal of Business Ethics, 14, 445-464.


Kjonstad, Gunaketu, (2004), "Creating a suitable ritual at a deathbed" ("Creating a suitable ritual at a deathbed" in Norwegian), Unni Ranheim, På talefor med döden - bereitning om lifet, Lunner: Uranus Forlag.


Kjonstad, Gunaketu, (2007), "Gestalt og Buddhisme" (Gestalt and Buddhism in Norwegian), Norsk Gestalttidsskrift IV, 1, 45-55.


Kjønstad, Gunaketu (2008), "Noticing what is happening and letting meaning emerge", Norwegian Gestalt Journal, volume V, no. 2, Autumn.


Kjønstad, Gunaketu, (2011), "Like me - a novel about love, work and gestalt therapy", Raleigh: Lulu.

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Ericson, T, BG Kjønstad and Barstad A, 2014, “Mindfulness and sustainability”, Ecological Economics, Vol 104, August 2014, Pages 73-79.


Kjonstad, Gunaketu Bjorn, (2016), “'Structured Ground': Heresy or Cutting Edge?”, Gestalt Review 2016, Vol 20, No 1, Pages 48-61.

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