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Our vulnerability and our wounds are often openings to the best and most valuable in us. (David Richo)

The challenges of living - alone or with a partner and perhaps children who are either yours or your partner's or both, at work or without work - are many and common to most. It is liberating to see how others deal with similar situations and it can be easier to learn from a situation seen from the outside, when it is similar to the one you are in. Neuropsychology's findings on mirror neurons support these experiences. We learn surprisingly well from watching others explore their problems.

Shelly Villanger, who is a student at NGI, said about a therapy group she was part of:


"Going in a group with Bjørn has given me the opportunity to practice truthfulness in a safe environment. I have learned that it is not too late to speak up even if the moment has passed, and that it is possible to choose to act differently than what I usually do.

The group consists of between four and eight participants. 

I am an approved supervisor at the Norwegian Gestalt therapist Association, so the workshop counts as group therapy at NGI and PFO (Professional Professional Update) at NGFO and GPO.

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