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Professional academic update (PFO)

The purpose of guidance at Pustepause is to constantly develop, learn more about relationships with other people and become a better professional practitioner - whether in relation to therapy or other contexts.

The participants bring examples from their own practice, work or other context that we explore together. How we explore depends on the case and the participants, but the common feature is that we take turns drawing on the experiences, experience and wisdom of everyone in the group. The way of working is effective in broadening one's professional perspective.

For gestalt therapists, it is useful that I have experience with guidance from many different situations such as healthcare, companies, voluntary organisations, self-development groups, mindfulness and adoption. It is important to be able to relate to the challenges your clients are facing.

I am approved as a supervisor from NGINGFGPO and EAGT

Price: NOK 900 for 55 minutes of individual guidance. Groups by arrangement.

Therapy Session
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