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In order to persevere in the isolation effort, it is important to meet in other ways. Inspired by stories of Italians singing to each other from doorways, I invite you to a confidential online conversation group.


This is a drop-in offer where we can meet in safe confidence and share how we feel, vent frustration, be heard and recognized, and gain inspiration.

As most people who need this may have been granted leave or have no income, I offer this for free. If you still have the opportunity to contribute to my costs, I appreciate it. Then dial 97715657 with the text "open group".


On Thursday 26 March 2020 at 12-2pm I will start an open therapy group as a drop-in offer for those of you who are sitting at home and need someone to talk to - outside the home. 

Many people are skeptical about whether you can open up to strangers online. I was surprised myself at how well it worked. Not as good as meeting in person but much better than not meeting.

Everything we say in the group is confidential and we speak for ourselves and avoid judging, criticizing others or giving advice unless it is requested. I myself take simple notes after the meeting to remember what happened for the next time. They are confidential and you, as a participant, can have access if you wish.

I ask that you come in good time and not after we have started.

I am an approved therapist and supervisor at the Norwegian Gestalt therapist Association, so the group therapy counts both for Gestalt therapy students and som PFO - Professional Professional Update for Gestalt therapists.

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