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Corporate yoga and mindfulness

Mindfulness is a simple and powerful practice for training attention and empathy in relationships. It's easy because it's about being acceptingly present in the moment here and now (sensitivity, thoughts, emotions, etc.). It is powerful because it breaks the habit of getting lost in thoughts about the past or future, which creates unnecessarily large amounts of stress. 

Mindfulness practice for companies is an investment that will pay off in reduced costs related to stress and illness. In addition, increased presence means that the employees take more responsibility, are more satisfied and engaged. Extensive research has shown that mindfulness practice helps individuals take responsibility for their own state of mind, so that they cope better with stress and become more focused. Companies that use mindfulness can expect the following results:

  • Reduced costs related to sickness absence and turnover.

  • Increased concentration, memory and ability to learn new skills.

  • Increased productivity.

  • Higher job satisfaction.

  • Better working environment.

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